YellowNest was created to support sustainable early years childcare in the UK.

We believe in high-quality childcare as a force for good, because:

It helps young children acquire the social, communication and learning skills they need to succeed in life.

  • It gives parents more freedom in their career choices.
  • It enables employers to retain important skills which contribute to our economy.
However, the sector is experiencing difficult times because of the Coronavirus pandemic and low Government funding. British early years childcare is more expensive than in any other developed country​, costing more than £1,000 a month on average. Many parents struggle to afford or access it.”

Our mission

YellowNest’s mission is to: “make childcare more affordable and easier to access, for the benefit of parents, employers and approved childcare providers”.

To achieve this, we’ve built a ​solution which helps employees take home more of their pay, purchase good childcare, increase their wellbeing and stay at work.

YellowNest is committed to having a positive social impact. We want to be known for:

  • Empowering employers to have a powerful and innovative family-friendly practice.
  • Supporting working families at a time they need help most.
  • Outstanding educational outcomes in a nurturing early years environment.

We believe in a world where early years education is affordable and enables parents to give their children the best possible start in life.

As we work with employers to lower the cost of good early years education, we’re supporting positive social justice across children, families and commerce. In doing so, we can contribute to key sustainable development goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations.

Our team

Our team have a huge amount of industry experience and understand the issues
the childcare industry needs urgently to address.

Kannan Ganga

Founder & CEO

Kannan has held a number of HR Leadership roles in the Technology, Media and Financial Services arenas.

Kannan started his career with McKinsey & Co and has an Executive MBA from the University of Oxford.

Michael Miley

CMO, Advisor

​Experienced business leader with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Skilled in Brand Positioning & Development, Digital Strategy, Marketing Management, Market Planning, Integrated Marketing, and Advertising.

Stewart Jones

Operational Processes, Advisor

A results driven energetic board level executive with significant experience of delivering change and global performance improvement across the automotive, healthcare, financial and market research sectors.

Zelda Yanovich

Social Enterprise
Scale-up, Advisor

Strategic Advisor at The LEGO Group, LEGO Foundation as lead for Real Play Coalition, Intrinsic Labs, The MeaningSphere.


Here you will find answers to questions you may have. If your question isn’t answered here, please contact us ​​.

Your precise saving will depend on how much you earn and the amount you pay in childcare fees. By taking those fees directly from your salary, you will pay less Income Tax and National Insurance. A person earning £32,000 and having monthly childcare costs of £1,000 (the national average), will have almost £4,000 more intake home pay over the course of a year – that’s £320 a month. YellowNest will tell you every month much how much you have benefitted. If you’re interested in our scheme and what to know exactly what you could save, please contact us.

One parent needs to be in paid employment, because our scheme works through salary sacrifice. Deductions for childcare fees have to be via your employer’s payroll.

Yes! Any children up to the age of 5 can be covered our this scheme.

The overall amount will depend on how many employees opt for YellowNest’s childcare salary sacrifice scheme. For each one, you will pay around £1,250 less in employers’ National Insurance (NI) per year.

For each employee accepted into the scheme, YellowNest charges a one-off £25 processing fee and a monthly subscription of £10 – leaving a potential annual saving of more than £1,000 per head.

Whether you’re an employer or employee, YellowNest will help you every step of the way. All you need to do is contact us and we’ll facilitate the entire process. This involves collecting some personal information, setting up childcare payments through the company payroll, and then arranging for the correct sums to be transferred to the childcare provider. We’ll support the administrative process and liaise with the provider.

You will need to ensure your company has your name, details of your child (name and age), the nursery you’ll be paying and the cost involved. You’ll also need to give your employer permission for this information to be shared with YellowNest, so that we can liaise with your childcare provider. We will support you and your employer through the setting-up process.

Our primary motivation is to make it easier and more affordable to access childcare –helping parents, employers and nurseries in the process. We keep our financial fees to a minimum.

Yes. The advantage of our childcare salary sacrifice scheme is that it can be adopted by any employer of any type or size – from just a couple of staff to workforces numbered in the thousands. Our scheme can be used by businesses, public sector bodies and third sector organisations, including charities. If you want to discuss how it would work in your organisation, please contact us.

As a result of participating in a YellowNest salary sacrifice scheme as a provider,your income will increase.In addition to the childcare fees, you’ll receive a monthlypayment from us.

Childcare payments will be more assured, because they’ll be taken at source fromparents’ salaries. Your nursery will also have a higher profile in workplaces using thescheme, increasing the chance of attracting new customers who also want to takeadvantage of it.

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